Al Dawla Arabians 2022

by Talitha Bakker

Since our last feature on Al Dawla Arabians, only 12 months ago, much has transpired for the emerging breeding program. Inspired by the thrill of show ring success at some of the industry’s most important shows, as well as the horses themselves, bred and collected at home in Australia, owner Diaa Karaali has begun a quest to share the Australian Arabians with the world.

‘We had exported a few daughters of RHR Heir of Marwan to Europe, and a son to the Middle East who was very well received there. We had several requests for frozen semen, so I decided instead to send RHR Heir of Marwan to Saudi Arabia himself. Where he can also be shown at the local and international shows, including the Holy City of Mecca Championships and others. He has great potential for many more breeding opportunities to Saudi mares.’ Diaa tells.

“We have had great success with Lulu Al Dawla and Haneen al Dawla with Schoukens training centre in Belgium and with Raneem Al Dawla with Capecci Training Centre in Italy and Spain. Najm al Dawla a colt by Heir of Marwan and out of Obayana KA has had great success in UAE and in Jordan’s Middle East Championship he was awarded with a medal and has now moved to Israel’.

With more than a handful of mares, and a young black stallion by WH Justice now living across several countries in Europe, Diaa began the search for a base to keep all his horses outside of Australia in one location. Naturally enough, the search first began in Europe, however Diaa soon turned his sights towards the country of his ancestors, Lebanon.

“Starting a farm in Lebanon has been a natural growth to our story with the Arabian horse. There is a spiritual enlightenment that drove us to connect to the bigger world so that the Arabian horse can lead us on a historical journey which can give hope for future generations. To be closer to international shows both in Europe and the Middle East and to the high demand for horses for for this task was definitely an added encouragement”.

“Like in several countries at the time, there has been in recent history various political and financial decisions in Lebanon that led to mixing Arabian lines with non-Arabian lines. Lebanon was once part of Al sham with Syria as one nation, and it had the finest purebred Arabians which were exported by Lady Ann to Crabbet Park in the United Kingdom. During the mid 1900s purebred Arabian horses were traded for English thoroughbred lines for racing in the Beirut racetrack. My decision to move some of Al Dawla Arabians finest broodmares and bred horses to Lebanon comes as a childhood dream come true to return the best of the Arabian pure lines back to Lebanon like it once was and at the same time, be the ambassador of the best of the Australian lines and influential programs that outcrossed well to Marwan Al Shaqab and Padrons Psyche lines to Europe and the Middle East. Geographically and historically Lebanon is situated as the perfect place for all that”.

In early 2022 more than 20 females and several youngcolts made the trek from Sydney to Lebanon without incident, and all are happy and settling into their new way of life. Diaa has initially set himself up in Lebanon to oversee the horses, focusing more energy towards learning the opportunities the country may bring. The stud farm is currently under construction and it will be built to world class standards with over 60 boxes, indoor arenas and visitor accommodation, along with veterinary and training capabilities.

‘I have sent the nucleus of my straight Egyptian program to Lebanon, including the recently purchased Halimas Egyptian Prince (Royal Jamill x AK Faressa) and his sisters. I also sent those with Spanish lines such as GG Magnetism, as well as mares from Amir El Shaklan/ SK Shakla Khan bloodlines, especially those with Windella bloodlines. I have become so enamoured with these bloodlines, and want to share them with the world.

We have decided on a program that mixes RHR Heir of Marwan with these specific Spanish and Egyptian lines as this mix not only bred the best show horses for us but also their relatives have been observed to breed the best amongst international programs in USA, Europe and the Middle East through other Marwan Al Shaqab sons and daughters and Padron Psyche sire lines. Some of the mares sent over were in foal to either RHR Heir of Marwan or Fairview Touch of Magic, so we look forward to seeing their foals in due course’.

In Europe, Diaa continues to take advantage of the bloodlines available there, and this year foals born on the continent include Taleeat al Dawla (Bashir al rayyan x Nali del Falco), Tasneem al Dawla (RHR Heir of Marwan x GW Frida), Elham al dawla (RHR Heir of Marwan x Elgora) and Jawharat al Dawla (RHR Heir of Marwan x D’amors Jewel in the Crown) now in Belgium.

“The exportation of Bandagold (SK Shakla Khan x Trystan Bandamira by Amir El Shaklan) to Europe has proven one of the best decisions Al Dawla Arabians has ever made in favour to the progress of its breeding program. And thus, more mares were sent to the Netherlands including D’Amors Jewel In The Crown (Prince Fa Moniet x Windella Silver Sensation by SK Shakla Khan) and D’Amors Malikah-Khan (D’Amors Montabi Khan x D’Amors Maaritza Khan), a double SK Shakla Khan granddaughter’. Bandagold had two successful embryos after she arrived. The first with Ezz al Danat (Shamekh al Danat x Shalwah by Sinan al Rayyan) a straight Egyptian stallion full of type and the second embryo to World Champion Shanghai EA (WH Justice x Salyma).

“We are looking forward to more embryos this year out of her to ASE Justice El Jamaal, our own black stallion by WH Justice out of a direct Ali Jamaal daughter. A treasure of gene pool in the one horse full of type and charisma. He is open this breeding season worldwide upon request”.

Back in Australia things are moving also, with the original stud farm based on the Sydney outskirts now going through a conceptual development. “Our Stud farm has gone through major changes due to higher load of horses and a demand for upgrading facilities." the horses have been moved out and spread amongst different new, emerging Arabian Stud farms across the county, where they are taking care of daily breeding, foaling and training. After the major relocation of many to Lebanon and Europe what is left is a small group of treasured older mares who we believe to represent the cream lines of the Australian breeding project within the last 100 years.

We are waiting for a few foals next season too by Fairview Touch of Magic (SK Shakla khan x Windella Silver Shadow), his first for our stud and looking forward to breed some of our remaining mares to Halima’s Egyptian Prince who we have collected frozen semen before his export. We have also secured semen from Sanadik ibn Estopa (Sanadik El Shaklan x Bint Estopa) and Padron Psyche (Padron x Kilika) alongside some very treasured and rare stallions who have passed away and have made historical influence on the Arabian horse universally. We are fortunate for such a gift to be amongst the very few if not the only breeders in the world to still have the frozen semen of these stallions.

The only colt left behind in Australia is Tawheed al Dawla who will be ready to sire next breeding season.

He is sired by Halimas Jabira ( Jadaan A Shaqab x D’Amors El Sabriaa) and out of La Challaya (Magnum El Chall x Evanescence) and Diaa believes him to be “a perfect blend of Egyptian and Spanish lines with double Magnum Psyche on the damline. He resembles our lines without having any RHR Heir of Marwan which means will be the perfect outcross to his daughters. We have retained the best of our RHR Heir of Marwan daughters in smaller numbers…but surely focused towards the very best”